Friday, July 11, 2014

My Cinderella Castle Silhouette Photo is going to be PUBLISHED!!!!!!

On Sunday July 5th, 2014, a post on the KelbyOne Facebook Page went up asking for anyone to submit their BEST fireworks photo, in honor of 4th of July. At first, the Top 3 photos were going to be chosen for publishing in Photoshop Magazine.

With over 100+ submitted photos, the contest then became the "most liked" photo from all the submissions. There were some very amazing images submitted and while I had hopes, I wasn't quite sure any of the 5 photos I had submitted would even make the top 3 most liked. All 5 did very well though......

However, much to my surprise, MY SILHOUETTE PHOTO WAS LIKED THE MOST!!!!!! It received 129 votes, 2nd place has 89 votes & 3rd place had 54. I truly am HONORED and excited that one of my personal favorite images I've ever taken will now appear in a future issue of an award winning magazine.

Here is a screenshot of the official announcement:

Here is the larger version:

The story behind this photo: Well before my last Disney trip in Nov 2013, I had seen a graphic promotion from a Disney page that had a darked castle with white fireworks surrounding it. It was the inspiration to the idea of this very photo. Since I had been to Disney many times, I pretty much had "Wishes" fireworks show memorized. I knew the exact moment when most of the castle light was be turned off momentarily. I literally had mere SECONDS to be sure my camera was settings were spot on and that I fired the remote shutter at the perfect time. My heart was racing as the moment was about to happen... WOULD I GET LUCKY???

I about dropped my remote and cried when I peeked at the 2" screen on the back of my camera.... I NAILED IT!!!!! With just some minor post processing on it, I had the shot I planned in my head for MONTHS!!!!!!

Once I finished the minor edits I wanted to do on it, I had it printed on metal from Create My While it took a lot longer than I hoped to receive the actual print, it was worth the wait. This image just pops off the metal when the sun hits it. I am beyond ecstatic that my most favorite image I've ever taken will now be officially published. THANK YOU TO KELBYONE and EVERYONE THAT HELPED CHOOSE MY PHOTO!!!!!! I can't wait to see the issue and will definitely be framing the page it appears on & hanging it under the print on my wall!!!!!

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