Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eastern State Penitentiary - Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is home to Eastern State Penitentiary, a crumbling prison ruin built in 1829. It is the first prison to be called a true "penitentiary" as it was designed to inspire penitence (true regret) in the hearts of its inmate. Built like the spokes of a wheel, there were 7 original cellblocks branching out from the surveillance hub, called "The Center". Cells had vaulted ceilings and skylights... each housing Americas worst criminals. Probably the most famous was Al Capone... he lived in what you would consider luxury while incarcerated!

Photo from Penn State Libraries Pictures Collection Flickr account

You can tour the buildings ruins, either by a self guided audio tour or Guide Led once a day. Even in its current state, there is something eerily beautiful about the place that draws so many photographers to capture each and every level of decay. This was my first time visiting & I will definitely be going back to explore of what we missed.

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