Thursday, March 8, 2012

Camera Bag Insert

I've been on a mission to find a really cool camera bag. One that isn't so OBVIOUS that "screams and flashes in neon lights" "EXPENSIVE CAMERA INSIDE".

Yet all the nice camera bags, such as Kelley Moore, are VERY expensive. Even the nice handmade ones on Etsy were more than I was willing to pay. I already did have a great backpack that was pretty expensive, I didn't really want to shell out another 1/3 of the price of a decent lens on the bag it will live in. I decided to make my own padded insert so I can choose my OWN bag to place it in. I searched Google for tutorials and examples of what others have created.

This is the blog post that REALLY inspired me to get this insert finished.
Going A Little Coastal - Camera Bag Insert. I contacted the gal who created it and asked if she had written a tutorial for it. She said she hadn't yet, but gave me great pointers on how she did hers.

THIS IS WHAT I CREATED!!!!!! It is an exact match to my camera strap as seen in my blog post here ===> Complete Blog Redesign

As you can see, it holds A LOT ... with more room to add.  I did have a bag already purchased, but the insert ended up being bigger than originally planned so it won't fit now.  My search was on... TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Kohls...  NOTHING would fit... and if it did, it was $250... NO THANKS!!!  (BTW, when did TJ Maxx sell $120-$275 purses....  I about fell on the floor... not the bargain store it USED to be... I mean, I'm NOT "cheap", but TJ Maxx is NOT Macys either!!!)

The insert FITS PERFECTLY with more room to spare for personal items like wallet, keys, phone, etc.  Since it's a purse and not a "tote bag", it fully zippers closed.  Exactly what I needed instead of the magnetic button closure.  So I will officially carry ONE bag that will hold everything I need when I'm out shooting.  Gotta love purchasing a $98 bag (retail at Macys) for $25.99 with sale and coupon from Burlington Coat Factory!!!!  

I ended up combining 3 different tutorials below.

This is the first tutorial I came across....
Make Your Own Camera Bag

This is the tutorial that Going A Little Coastal used.
Camera Bag Insert- Lil Blue Boo

This is the tutorial that gave me the idea to quilt the inner liner.
Purse Organizer

This was actually the 2nd major sewing project I put my mind to doing. Even though I hadn't touched a sewing machine since Jr High school. Thanks to my Mom for giving me her spare machine, Google and YouTube, I re-taught myself how to sew.

First project I made these quilts... the larger one will be used as a newborn backdrop or prop in upcoming photoshoots.

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  1. I love the white bag you found to fit your insert! I think they will go so well together and you will look so in style! Great job on the inserts. Thanks for mentioning my little blog :)