Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hosting Our First Christmas

For the past 2 years, since we started our house search, I told my families that I wanted to host Christmas if we got a house AND I got a nice dining room set by the time the holidays came around. I succeeded in doing both....

Our very first Christmas tree in our home

Hubbys dad took care of our table centerpiece. I mentioned that I didn't know what I wanted to use & he sent these on Friday afternoon!!!

Whenever I receive flowers, I like to take pictures with any of my jewelry pieces. Here's our wedding rings in our centerpiece.

My table set, using my wedding china for the first time. I made the place cards too!!!

We had LOTS of food... TWO hams, spanish rice, potato casserole, homemade Mac & Cheese, Pork & Beans...

Desserts were Apple Cake and a huge variety of cheesecake slices, topped with Cool Whip!!!!

It was such a amazing day spent with both sides of our families for the first time since our wedding. I can't believe that is already over. All the planning & prepping, when it goes by in a flash. 363 days til we do it all over again!!!!

TO ALL!!!!!

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