Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dining Room Renovation

Since I was hosting Christmas @ our house this year, I wanted to re-paint the dining room to make it more formal. We started this project the week after Thanksgiving & completed it the week before Christmas. It took longer than we had planned because once we started, my husband realized it was going to be more work than expected. The reason: the previous owners screwed up!!! They spackled, but never sanded, left HUGE paint drips that they never fixed, & completely forgot to prime & paint the window trims. Needless to say, our dining room was previously DARK PINK!!!! Not red or burgundy, but PINK!!!! Yuck, thank God they at least attempted to cover up that horrible color.

This is what it looked like when we took our first walk through before buying the house.  Those UGLY curtains were immediately taken down when we unlocked the door after closing.

Taping off the entrances

Just a FEW of the spackle spots Hubby has to fix....
Taping the walls for the chair rails....
My cat MUST be involved in anything we do.  She laid outside of the plastic crying to come in, but since the room was covered in dust for a few days, we couldn't let her in.  However, once she was in, she would NOT leave!!!  
Chair rails taped off...
First color going up.... It's called "Artichoke Heart" from Martha Stewart.  We didn't actually do the painting.  We had a family friend do it who has been a professional painter for his entire career.  Which is why the ceiling is NOT taped off.  We did tape it, but he refused to paint until we removed it.  We were AMAZED, his hand is soo steady, not ONE SPECK of green paint ended up on the ceiling.   
1/2 way there....
Bottom color finished... It's called "Spanish Moss", also from Martha Stewart

Painting the baseboards... I was undecided on changing to the bigger boards, so we left them as they were... Paint color is "Talc"

Chair rails are up...  thanks to hubbys co-worker who came over with his chop saw and nail gun.  
And we are FINISHED!!!!!!!!
Once again, Bailee is in the mix...

Complete with my dining room set!!!!

As labor intensive as this project was, we are sooo happy to have done it.  The room looks amazing, perfectly matches my furniture.  Eventually we will be adding crown molding, which will really make the room pop.  

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