Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Spot Scott" competition during Monday Night Football - Guess who won?

So Scott Kelby issued a challenge of sorts!!! On his blog he posted the "Spot Scott" guide photo below & some tips on where we might see him shooting during the game.

photo borrowed from www.scottkelby.com/blog

So even though I am NOT a football fan AND the *NEW* House episode was on @ the same time, I thought I'd try my luck & see if #1 - I would even be able to find him & #2 - be one of the first 3 to post the photo!!!

Turns out....

.....Yup, I accomplished BOTH!!! The rewinding, pausing, & flipping back & forth between channels PAID OFF!!!

Some time during the 2nd quarter, there he WAS... In the endzone, just as he said he would be. 'Cept I think it would have been easier if he moved a little to his RIGHT to shoot... LOL just kidding!!! Even behind the logo, you could clearly make him out, thanks to his tips on his attire!!!

Scott posted on his blog very early in the morning after arriving home. It’s Lame/Late/Light Blog Tuesday

And much to my surprise, down at the very bottom of his post, he selected MY PHOTO!!! He said "I nailed the High Def shot"... Whoo Hoooo!!! Though, I didn't think I was one of the first 3 to post to his sites since there were a bunch of others already posted when I refreshed my screen, BUT I'm happy to be receiving his signed book, Light It Shoot It Retouch It.

Yes, it's the book he wrote that co-insides with his seminar that I just attended last week in Philadelphia. Funny because I wanted to buy this book, but chose to purchase a couple other books instead. The stars lined up and I'm getting it anyway... for FREE, just for playing along!!! How awesome is that...

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