Monday, October 24, 2011

A 3 Hearts Photography business decision

Over the last couple of months, I've been designing a business plan & working towards finally getting it up & running. Gone are the days of dreaming of one day doing it... time has come to put my feet to the floor & get moving. One of the reasons I attended the Scott Kelby seminar a month ago.

After considering long and hard about what direction I want to take 3 Hearts Photography in, I have made the decision that I will no longer be pursuing weddings as an avenue for work. Weddings were never what I thought I'd do, but when I was given the chance to work with a wedding photographer 2 years ago, I found I DID enjoy it & thought I'd eventually move in that direction. I worked with some of the best brides on the weddings I have done.

However, since I work solo, it's almost impossible to shoot a wedding without running the risk of missing key moments since I can't clone myself & be in 2-3 different places at once. I would NEVER risk disappointing any bride by not giving them the FULL experience they deserve. I know I provide great quality portraits for my past & future clients, but sometimes it's about knowing my limitations rather than fattening my bank account & claiming I can give you the best of the best. I live in a realistic world... I'm far from the best, but I am also 100% honest. I'm not ashamed to say, no I can't give you this, but I will take an extra step & try to help you find someone that can. I know many photographers who would never consider referring you to a "competitor". Yet, if you're confident in your own abilities & provide a strong brand for business, why is it a problem to do just that? Maybe one day, the favor will be returned. Yet, I certainly don't expect it, nor do I go that extra mile for anything in return. I just care about my clients... whether I'm actually hired by them or not.

Lately, I have been referring several of my friends to my own wedding photographer, Chrissy K Photography. Chrissy is nothing short of amazing, a photographer who inspires me every single day. Even though we hired her to perform a service at our wedding, I am PROUD to still call her a friend. Something her & I both felt would happen as we parted ways from our very first meeting BEFORE we booked her. This was just over 2 year ago.

With all that being said, I will now be 100% focused on FAMILY (Maternity, Newborn, Toddler, etc) PORTRAITS!!! I am slowly building my home studio & within the next few months, will be taking bookings for studio sessions. Once warmer weather rolls back in, I'll offer outdoor location shoots too. There is nothing more I love about photography than capturing that sweet baby smile, sparkle in a toddlers eyes, or the love in Mom/Dads eyes when they look at their children. Moments like these are priceless.

On a personal note - Since my husband & I will soon be trying to start our own family, this also has had an immense impact on why I've made this decision. Having a home studio will allow me to spend more time with my own family vs being out long hours on weekends away from them. I feel that choosing to completely focus on this path will greatly improve on the current quality/experience I already provide for my clients. It can only get better from here....

Stay tuned for more updates....

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