Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brett & Rachels' Wedding Prep - PA Wedding Photographer

My cousin Brett got married to one of the sweetest girls I've ever met, Rachel.  Their story is pretty awesome...  

They met on the set of the movie, "The Bounty Hunter".  They were "extras" in the movie and  Brett had to "fake" propose to Rachel in their scene... little did they know, a couple years later, a REAL proposal & wedding would happen for them.

Since their official photographer wasn't coming until 2pm, Rachel asked me if I would capture all the "getting ready" details.  Of course I would... especially since I was also a bridesmaid, I was already in the middle of it all.  But even if they didn't give me the honor of including me in their new beginning, I'd have done it anyway!!!    Love you guys!!!

Their day was filled with fun, hugs, love, rubber ducks, Springsteen/Journey, Phillies, &... DEAD FISH!!!  (Not what you think... this was our catch phrase to keep Rachel, well actually all of us gals, from crying, even if they were to be HAPPY tears...)


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