Monday, July 4, 2011

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Well, since we've gotten married & purchased our house, concert attendance has been pretty scarce. But recently I was going through my old photobucket account & found some past Concert shots I wanted to share.

This is just 1/16th of all the concert photos I have.... Some of these bands like Poison & Slaughter, I have seen multiple times and have hundreds of shots from MANY more bands not shown here. Maybe another day soon, I'll break out my external HD & write up another post. .........

These were ALL taken with a Sony Cybershot (point & shoot, not DLSR). I have never been issued a "Press Pass" & while these may not be "magazine publishing quality", I'm constantly given compliments about how great my shots are (mostly from others who are NOT family or friends.. LOL)  No matter where in the arena our tickets are, somehow, we ALWAYS end up in or near front row. I HAVE to get shots from all concerts I attend. Some people are addicted to drugs, alcohol, etc... I'm addicted to CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY!!!! *LOL*

And to be honest with you, I don't think I'd ever really WANT a press pass. You only get to photograph during the first 3 songs (& sometimes, it may not even be 3, could be 1, could be 1/2 the first song... depends on the band/management) & even then, you are jostling for position with the other photogs all while being on a time limit. If I'm attending a concert, I'm there because I LOVE the band playing & I WANT to be there for the entire show. (*Maybe if I was getting paid to shoot, I may have a different outlook on this, but for now, this is ~MY~ opinion*)  So I think being down in the pit, being constantly pushed around and sweaty is all part of the "experience" .... I'll never trade that for anything!!!! And as I said, these were taken with a simple camera, while being pushed around, yet I still get pretty awesome shots...(not to mention, I think the angle is a bit better being back a little further as well... I'm personally not real into shooting the "nose hair" angle). Who needs the cozy 2 foot area between the stage and barrier.... NOT THIS CHICK!!!!

I've only ever been caught twice with my camera.... 2nd time at Rob Zombie, I was BEYOND PISSED OFF, esp since soo many people had their cameras. However, it all worked out in the end because after the show, I GOT TO MEET HIM!!!! So I was OK with NOT having any photos from that show!!!

He wasn't taking photos WITH anyone, but I captured this one while he was signing my CD.

Black Label Society -

FYI: My husband OWNS the guitar you see below. Zakk autographed it personally to him. It's NOT the one he's playing, BUT Zakk did use his to warm up on in Baltimore BEFORE he signed it.

Slaughter - My favorite 80's band!!!!

Motley Crue / Nikki Sixx of Sixx AM-

Velvet Revolver -

Poison - If you can believe it or not, these were taken with a 1.2mp CELLPHONE!!! This was the FIRST time I was caught with my camera, so cellphone would have to do... and it DID pretty good!!!

Shinedown -

Puddle Of Mudd -

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